07E PDF Sprayed Concrete for Rock Support (2011) – Free downloading of Attachment no. 1, click here


Sprayed Concrete for Rock Support (2011) – Free downloading of Attachment no. 1, click here

This edition of Publication No. 7 of the Norwegian Concrete Association, “Sprayed Concrete for Rock Support” replaces the 2003 edition. Since the last update in 2003, European standards concerning sprayed concrete have been published. These standards cover both the wet- and dry mix methods, for a wide range of applications: support and reinforcement of rock and soils, free-standing structures and also repairs and upgrading of existing structures. Consequently, the standards encompass compromises and riles that do not concern rock support. Those who are only interested in rock support (which can be characterized as a technological discipline of its own), have to assess and filter out the relevant information. Therefore, it was decided to update Publication no. 7 in the same manner as previous editions, but incorporating the relevant information from the new European standards. This publication is meant as a supporting document and should be read alongside the current relevant standards, see chapter 1.1.1. This publication pertains only with what is relevant with respect to rock support, and elaborates on, clarifies and explains the standards requirements.

ATTACHMENT NO. 1 (September 2015)

In  September  2015,  an  APPENDIX  1  was  added  to  the  Publication.  The  appendix contains an informative note from the Sprayed Concrete Committee. The note seeks to give some clarifications and recommendations, especially dealing with responsibil- ity and documentation of energy absorption capacity of test panels. The note do not sketch out any changes to guidelines in the Publication.


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